a finishing touch

wedding hair services in Reading

You have already chosen your wedding dress, your shoes and even your makeup for this big day. It’s time to think with your head, or rather to think about your head. Will you wear a veil or a hair accessory?

The hair accessory is one of the most varied accessories that exist. Whether they are in feathers, rhinestones or natural flowers, there is always a hair accessory made for you. That’s why we give you 4 tips to find the one that suits your wedding hair Reading perfectly.

Choose a hair accessory with which you are comfortable. It’s not about dressing up, but about completing your bridal look.

The choice of hairstyle and hair accessory must go hand in hand. The best is to consult your hairdresser. Give them a picture of your dress and they will advise you in a professional way.

If you’ve chosen a dress with stones, lace or elaborate, opt for a discreet hair accessory.
If on the contrary your dress is simple, a more striking hair accessory will give a sophisticated touch to your look.