Wedding planning

Time to get planning

 Once the whirlwind moments of getting engaged have passed and it’s time to get down to the business of planning your wedding it can be a little difficult to know where to start. So after being in this industry for 7+ years I thought I’d put a few ideas down from knowledge passed on through brides who have been in your position.

 Start with your guest list.

Now this may seem a little backwards but it will help to eliminate a lot of venues and locations before you even start. It may rule out certain venues for being too small or too big, certain caterers for being too pricey, and locations down to accommodation if you have guests travelling from a far.

Check for local events.

Check for local events taking place over the weekend of your big day. Think ahead about hotels being booked up in advance and road closures/traffic issues. If there are closed roads local to your venue, check with them that they provide a diversion for your guests. And taxis! If there is another big event going on locally your guests may find it difficult to book a taxi at the end of the evening, planning ahead and prebooking this may solve any unnecessary headaches.

Listen to the experts.

Ask your vendors if they can recommend suppliers for you. Your venue may suggest a photographer, they may pass you onto a florist, the florist to a makeup artist, and so on and so forth. As industry professionals we work with a vast number of suppliers on a weekly basis, so let us save you the    research time!

Don’t put it off!

Try not to leave things to the last minute. It goes without saying that once the question is popped you’ll want to get going. So the venue is chosen and deposits have secured your date you may feel a slight lull in planning, but this time can be filled! Choose your music- first dance, drinks reception, ceremony entrance and exit. Get crafting, start your wedding favours, narrow down your flower choice and get your all important jewelry, shoes and accessories sorted!