Going it alone

So after careful planning and budget setting- after all it is a good idea to have some idea of where to stop! You’ve decided to have a go at doing your own bridal makeup. Or, you’re having a destination wedding and can’t quite stretch to flying a makeup artist out with you. Don’t panic, I’ve put down a short list of my top products to ensure you stay radiant and flawless throughout your whole day.

  1. Begin with a good base. No,I don’t mean a good primer or foundation, take it all the way back to your own skin. Exfoliate regularly (about 4 times a week) and drink plenty of water, this will help any makeup application regardless of who is doing it!
  2. I never use specific products for specific skin types i.e. oily, dry or combination. If you have particularly dry skin and start using a product which is going to counterbalance the oil,. your sebum glands will go into overdrive reproducing the oils that the product is taking away, and the same with dry skin products. You apply an oily product to your skin to pump moisture in, then your skin is going to go crazy in drying out the excess oils! Always head for combination products and an oil free moisturizer, sit on the fence a little bit with this one!
  3. Primers. In an ideal world you would have two. One to combat shine and the other to make you glow.However, the more important one is to glow- we can control shine with a good setting powder, so I’d recommend Charlotte Tilbury’s wonder glow. A little pricey at £38.50 but it will last you forever! An alternative could be MAC Prep and prime skin for £21.50. But remember, beauty counters always have plenty of free testers so don’t be afraid to ask for them!
  4. Foundations. Now my ‘go-to’ is Estee Lauder’s double wear. Really build-able for a light coverage or completely flawless finish. It is £30 per bottle but again it will last you a little while as you don’t need too much of it. An alternative could be Chanel vitalumiere aqua. A similar price at £34 but an equally lovely product. If there would be one thing that I would splash out on for a wedding day,it would be a foundation. If you wear no other makeup a good foundation will always make you look radiant as you glide  down the isle.
  5. Powders. I have used Clarins mineral loose powder for absolutely years and although it is great- it contains small pieces of light reflection particles to give the shimmer, I have no discovered Laura Mercier setting powder and I’m never going back!It glides over any fine lines and wrinkles to 1, blur them out a little and 2, to stop any product from sitting in there. Remember, don’t powder your whole face. You’ve just spent all that time creating a beautiful glow and you go and put a translucent powder over the top,you’re going to lose it! Only apply it to your T-zone and down each side of your nos
  6. Less is more. Don’t over think your eye makeup. Keep it simple to start off with and the build it up from there. Use your setting powder as a base- stops it from sitting into those lines, it will keep your eye shadow smooth and crease free all day. And do your eyes first. Don’t spend all that time creating a flawless base and then get the fallout from your shadow all over your cheeks! Eyes first, wipe away and excess and then base.
  7. And last but not least, lips. A big ‘pop’ of colour will look incredible but, you have to weigh up how many times in the day you will need to reapply it. Could you go for a softer, more ‘bridal colour’ for the day and then vamp it up with a red for the evening? I’d always avoid any form of lip stain too. No product- when it comes to lips, is going to stay place perfect all day- eating and drinking will be a vital part to your day! and i find stains will only add emphasis to any dry patches on your lips by clinging to them. Try MAC or Bobbi Brown. Durable and moisturizing and a perfect size for your little clutch.

And finally have fun! The beauty of makeup is that it isn’t permanent, so if you don’t like something, simply wash it off and try something else! Experiment and enjoy the process.