There is a fine balance required for your hair and makeup on your special day. Most brides want to look natural but flawless in their photographs but don’t want to look overly made up and still need to feel like themselves throughout the whole day!

 Rest assured, through over 7 years experience and seeing in the range of 75 to 80 brides per year we pride ourselves with having this balance perfected! We take into account your ideas and inspiration to create the perfect look for you: staying flawless from start to finish with minimal needs for touch ups. To create this we stand by our philosophy of only using the best products: Mac Pro, Estee Lauder, Benefit and Bobbi Brown, to name only a few makeup brands.

Your hair equally has to with-stand all of the hugs, kisses and dancing on your wedding day! So along side the best makeup products, we also only use the very best hair products too! These include Bed Head, L’oreal, Osis, GHD and Wella.

A design appointment is created to do exactly that; create and design your perfect bridal look. A full consultation will be carried out, in a location of your choice, where we will go through all of your inspiration pictures and piece together your final look.

 Your wedding morning timings are of equal importance to us: none of our brides are ever late because of us! We ensure this by creating a loose time list for you and your bridal party so everyone is aware of what time they are required to be in the chair-meaning they can head off into the venue to make sure your vision is coming to life there too!

 For larger bridal parties we will provide extra, highly skilled, artists to assist, however everyone is meticulously checked by your lead artist to ensure everyone is looking their very best on your special day!